Residents in Strathmore have come together to support each other in many ways during the past 2 months as everyone navigates the new normal.

On May 14, the Reps of Remax Key came together and organized a bottle drive across Strathmore in support of the Wheatland County Food Bank.

Realtor and Team member of The Reps of Remax Key Hayley Poirier was overwhelmed by the support of those who donated, "The people who responded and signed up, they had their bags out and marked, and once and a while someone would be standing at their curb asking what we were up to and we would tell them and they would say wait a minute I've got some too."

When the team decided to take this on they were not sure of how much they would raise and are thankful for the great response from the community and know what was donated will go to helping a lot of people who right now do need the assistance, "We're still waiting on a couple of realtors to get their own stuff in for the food bank but we are going to tap out at about $2500 and we are so proud of that," said Poirier.

Along with collecting bottles donations of food items were also received to help with the initiative for the Wheatland County Food Bank. The Reps also ran similar events in Langdon and Chestermere. 

With events like the bottle drive Strathmore has also seen others who have come forward to make things easier for those in the community and bring a smile to residents. With the start of Strathmore Aide by brothers Connor and Noah Hyde, as well the recent the growth of the Facebook group S'more Wine Fairies that was started by, Christine Scott, Lisa Young and Tammy Lewin, Strathmore is coming together as a community to help and support each other.