The Strathmore Performing Arts Festival came together for a final showcase concert that was made up of 20 acts the adjudicators chose from all the contestants of the festival.  The selected performers from each category performed for a packed house and more because they were forced to add additional chairs for the attendees.  66 of the 68 awards were handed out and the other two winners were decided by an average because those contestants played multiple categories. The value of scholarships awarded was $4250.   

There were over 210 entries and the organizers hope the festival empowers some students who watched the competition to strive for the next year.  The bystanders should tell themselves that they can perform and they should be willing to pick up a new instrument.   

Mrs. Carolyn Steeves explained, " It is interesting to see the growth of my students and all the teachers would agree that there is a little magic when performing live there is that adrenaline rush that puts it over the top and it was quite remarkable."