Strathmore Value Drug Mart (SVDM) held its third annual bike safety contest over the summer, and six-year-old Mikayla Gass was this year's lucky winner.

The bike safety contest is a positive ticketing program, as SVDM teamed up with bylaw officers to give tickets to kids practicing bike safety. If law enforcement saw a kid practicing proper bike safety, like wearing a helmet or walking a bike through a crosswalk, the officer would give out a ticket which got you free ice cream from SVDM, as well as a chance to win the final draw.

SVDM owner Gordon Morck said he's happy SVDM can be involved in promoting safety in a happy and positive manner. Even though the free ice creams and bike come out of his own pocket he's happy to stay involved in the community through programs like this.

"It helps to reinforce kids doing the right things, learning the rules of the road, and behaving in a safe way so that they get through their bicycling adventures without any injuries, and also it changes the way children view law enforcement officers so it gives them the idea that maybe sometimes being stopped by the police is a positive thing," Morck said.

Gass said she was already really excited when she won the ice cream, as she chose Mickey Mouse ice cream, and was even happier to receive the free bike and helmet.

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