A weather advisory was issued for Strathmore over the weekend regarding the possibility of funnel clouds, and according to reports, a possible landspout was spotted.

"Landspout spotted southeast of Calgary between there and Strathmore on the ground maybe two minutes," a post made on the Alberta Storm Reports Facebook page stated over the weekend.

A landspout is a type of weak tornado that forms over land, usually in fair weather conditions.

Landspouts are generally smaller and less intense than the tornadoes that come from severe thunderstorms.

Meteorologist from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Heather Rombough said they got quite a few reports of the landspout, and it is quite possible that it did happen, but ECCC cannot confirm it at the moment. 

"The photos and reports we got were not anything we could use to confirm it, but we are looking into it a little bit more."

Rombough said that Saskatchewan will be the highest-risk area for more tornado touchdowns this week, but there is still a slight chance that Alberta will see one as well. 

"The chances are not that large for Alberta, but like I said, it is still possible."

According to Rombough, we will however be getting a lot of showers this week and into the weekend.

"We will see rain more in some places than others. That's the nature of showers at this time of year. There is a chance of some snow in the higher elevations in the mountains again starting tonight as well."

As Rombough explains, this is pretty standard weather for this time of year.

"I know last year was fairly hot and dry, but May long weekend just having passed. We all know about the stories about camping and it's no surprise that it's wet every year."

Weather Forecast Current weather forecast according to ECCC. 

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