There may be some changes coming to the Strathmore Cemetery.

The Town of Strathmore says they've working closely with its internal team and outside partners to ensure that the cemetery rules match the Cemeteries Act and follow the practices found in many other communities.

The Strathmore Cemetery serves as the resting place for nearly 2,000 individuals and the Town has proposed to make a few changes to the Cemetery Bylaw No. 14-16 from 2014.

Sections of Cemetery Bylaw No. 14-16 that have been updated and are included in the proposed Cemetery Bylaw No. 23-31 just to name a few are:

  • Shrubs, trees, or flowers cannot be planted anywhere in the cemetery except by authorized representatives of the Town of Strathmore.
  • Authorized Town representatives can remove from any grave weeds, grass, funeral designs, or floral pieces that have become wilted or any other articles or things that are deemed unsightly.
  • A purchaser of plots is permitted to choose the Section of the Cemetery but choice of the Grave Plot is not permitted. The next available Grave Plot will be used at the time of need.

Sections that have been included in the proposed Cemetery Bylaw (currently awaiting third and final reading) that either have significant changes or are new, to name a few are:

  • Existing plots that do not meet current grave cover specifications will be grandfathered; however, if the plot requires repairs or removal of any grandfathered items deemed prohibited the authorized representative within this Bylaw will be required to meet current regulations.
  • Live flowers left at the time of interment will be left for at minimum one week.
  • Grave decorations placed at the Cemetery shall be affixed to the monument.

Another section of the proposed bylaw is the sale of burial plots. It was added that the Town has the right to refuse and put a cap on plots.

Operations Manager, Donna McCallum explained in the October 18 Council meeting, that if a resident wanted to buy 100 plots the town has the right to refuse that but if a family member wanted to buy 10-15 plots they could, and family members would be able to transfer plots as well. 

"For example, if Grandma bought a plot, but maybe the daughter is passing away and she wants to transfer that plot to her, she could do that." 

If residents would like to get more involved with the Cemetary Bylaw discussion they are welcome to do so. Submit a 'Request to Speak at Council Meeting Form' at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. Once filled out, the below forms can be submitted to

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