The mild, sunny, spring-like conditions we have been recently experiencing will come to a halt early next week. 

On Monday (Feb 26), temperatures are expected to drop to -22 degrees Celsius overnight. 

The daytime high today (Feb 23) in Strathmore is 7 degrees Celsius, so by Monday there will be a 29-degree drop in temperatures. 

Snow is expected to start early tomorrow morning, with a high of 2 degrees Celsius. 

Sunday will slightly warm up to a high of 7 degrees Celsius, and the sun will be shining, which may be misleading because come Sunday evening it will start to drop again. 

The rest of next week (Feb 26 – March 1) will stay in the negative temperature range. 

Earlier in February, Balzac Billy, the resident weather predicting groundhog in Alberta, declared six more weeks of winter for the province, and it seems as if his prediction may have been right. 

According to the Farmer's Almanac, March in Alberta is expected to be hit with snow showers and bitter cold. 

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