There were some scary moments in the village of Standard on August 2nd as the old church in the village caught fire.

Crews from the Standard and Rockyford Fire Departments responded. Mark Duguay is the Fire Chief in Standard.

"We had five on ours and they had, I think, six on their crew, so 11 attended altogether," he told Drum FM. "We had our engine out there (and) our tender, and they brought their engine."

The blaze was put out quickly, limiting the damage to the 100 year old church's steeple and entryway. Lightning is believed to have sparked it.

"At this time it's usually grass fires, but we've had our share of structure fires as well from the lightning," reported Duguay. "It's one of those hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

"With it being so dry, the fuel load out here is getting to be pretty good, but we've had some pretty decent amount of rain here, so we're hoping that will settle it down a bit," he concluded.