We will get some rain and snow in this week's forecast (April 29-May 3).

"It's common in May, especially over some of the higher elevations, to get the rain-snow mix. These low-pressure systems that get spawned off the foothills now bring in quite a bit of moisture sometimes and some cold air from the north, which mixes up and produces this rain and snow mix," explained Stephan Berg, a meteorologist from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).

According to ECCC, starting tomorrow (April 30) and going until the end of the week, we will begin to see a chance of rain that could, in turn, turn into some thundershowers. 

"The low-pressure system over eastern Alberta is bringing in some warm, moist air from the South. That's bringing in some instability, which could produce thunderstorms in our area." 

Berg added that this instability, combined with the northwest winds on the backside of this low, could produce a cold front, which then starts thundershowers.

"The northwest winds are usually colder and drier, which helps uplift the warm, moist air to the east. Which has the potential of a cold front, and that uplift can produce thunderstorms if the conditions are right." 

Today (April 29), the high is 17 degrees, with a 60 percent chance of showers. Tonight, the low will be 2 degrees. 

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