Strathmore RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz provided details on the incident that occurred on Highway 817 and Highway 564 on April 5 at approximately 2:25 p.m.

Wielgosz said a report was made that somebody believed "an individual in a residence was suffering potentially from a mental health crisis and there may be a presence of a firearm in the residence as well." 

"A cautious approach was undertaken with varying support units to make contact with an individual and to assess their safety and to determine what, if anything, was going on. Our members were able to make contact with the individual and determined that there was no mental health crisis going on and took the adequate steps to ensure that the person would have the supports that they needed and departed the scene once that determination was made."

The gun at the scene resulted in the heavy police presence that many saw. Wielgosz explained the RCMP initially tried to make contact with the person through phone calls and a loudspeaker, but that didn't work. Eventually, face-to-face contact was made and the gun was seized for public safety.

"An investigation was able to be carried out to determine the person's wellness at that time utilizing our mental health support units as well as the determinations of the members on scene, and they determined there were no issues or concerns. They were able to provide the necessary supports to the individual should they require them." 

No criminal charges were laid for this incident, as Wielgosz said no criminal actions occurred.

"It's not against the law to possess your own firearms, it's just that there was a firearm present in the residence itself. So we couldn't establish any motives or any ill intent, but just as a matter of safety in the short term, the firearm was seized."

Since no motives or ill intent were established, the RCMP members departed the scene once they felt "there wasn't going to be a developing risk to any public safety, whether it be to that person or anyone else's."

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