Drivers are being cautioned to give themselves extra time in their commute as the snowfall continues this morning (Dec 7). 

Highway 21 Eastbound from Strathmore is partly covered in snow and there may be shoulder ice, along with icy wheel paths and slushy sections, while heading Westbound towards the cities of Chestermere and Calgary on Highway 1 is bare wet with the snow flying. 

If you are traveling out of Strathmore towards Calgary on Highway 564 and hit Highway 9, the roads are partly covered with snow, there may be ice on the shoulder, icy sections, slushy sections, and very slippery. Visibility is looked at as being fair. 

Today we will be experiencing a high of two with snowfall expected to last all day and into the evening where there will be a low of minus eight. As for tomorrow again there will be more snowfall and a high of minus four. 

"At this time, it looks like it's mostly north of the Strathmore area but it should be coming through. We could be getting 5 cm or more," said Weather Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada, Alysa Pederson. 

To find out what the road conditions look like visit 511 Alberta.

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