The United Farmers of Alberta is offering a $100,000 Agricultural Community Foundation grant for rural communities across western Canada.

The grant has expanded its reach and any community within 200 kilometres of a UFA outlet can apply.

This means communities in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and western Manitoba can apply for up to $100,000 for their community project.

Chair of the newly formed ACF, Jennifer Wood says, "It will support agricultural communities that will support projects that will enrich education either recreation and culture in those communities associated with agriculture."

It's also Farmers Day and Wood told us she's pleased to launch the new foundation on such a special day.

"It's actually building on the success of our former Rural Community Foundation, which we have provided $500,000 to 20 rural communities for capital projects over the past five years."

Applications are now open and will run until August 31 with grant recipients being announced sometime in October.