Local author and Okanagan Valley raised Matt Gartner came to Wheatland County with the prospects of becoming a farmer but instead started working in Calgary doing various jobs in IT for more than 20 years. Once covid hit, Gartner found inspiration to try something new in writing.

"I was moved to write this book, 'Living with Babel: Understanding COVID-19 and Beyond' in December 2021.  I have worked on it for the past 17 months, in order to bring its important message to believers."

Gartner says that he is a wretched human who was saved by the grace of God from a life of folly, emptiness, anxiety, pain, and fear.

"It is only by the grace of God, the same grace that he wants to show us all, that I now see the truth that never fails, that I now live the life that brings fulfillment, and that I now have the peace that eluded me so long. I am thankful to be able to share this truth with my fellow precious creations of God—Everyone."

In the book Gartner discusses the nature that all humans share, the same nature which has led to the history of mankind, and which Jesus was sent to save us from. Then through a researched case study of the COVID-19 response, Gartner explains how he thinks the modern Church, by the testament of the Bible, has strayed from the character and ministry of Jesus Christ. 

"The desperate condition of the Church demanded that someone step up to speak the truths of its folly, and I believe God moved me to share these things through this book. It also demanded that the Bible speak to the solutions required for Jesus’s disciples and Church to fulfill their true purpose in the world, which I also discuss in the book." 

Gartner says that what he is currently working on at the moment is practicing what he preaches. He explains this includes abandoning pride and the comforting of faith in worldly institutions and to place your faith in God instead. 

"One of the key commands of Jesus was for his disciples to share with others, as humble wretched persons saved by Jesus, how God has changed their life, so that others can come to know the true loving and merciful God.  I am going to share this message with all those whom he leads me to, to find a close and genuine relationship to those whom he wills."

When he is not working at his own computer service business with his son and when he is not writing, Gartner likes to go camping with his family, he also likes to pursue art and music, studying history, and woodworking to build useful items for his home and life.

"From my perspective, hobbies are of little importance when compared to the dire need to be God’s messenger and God’s instrument of genuine love to others."

Gartner wants his book to reach people of all demographics. "I pray that the message of the book would be heard, not only by fellow believers, but also heard by those who don’t believe."

Through his personal testimony, which is in the back of the book, along with his life story, he will seek to provide not only an example to other believers, but a testimony to those who don’t believe.  

"I will write more if God moves me to do so." 

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