Chantelle De Jonge has been elected as Chestermere - Strathmore MLA for the United Conservative Party. 

De Jonge expressed that it is an honor and a privilege to have been elected by Chestermere - Strathmore and to be able to represent them in the legislature. 

"I'm incredibly grateful to my team, to my family and to all the support that we've received throughout this and the first thing we're going to do is pass Bill One, which will be the Taxpayer Protection Amendment Act. That legislation will infer that no government can increase personal taxes or taxes on job creators, asset approval from Albertans, first through a referendum."

De Jonge's commitment is to protect job creators in Alberta to ensure that Alberta has an advantage. De Jonge's highlight from campaigning is getting in her steps by door-knocking.

"It is so wonderful to door knock to hear everyone's stories, to hear their concerns at their doorstep. In my opinion, that's what this is about. It's about the people. It's about finding ways where we can." 

Reaching out to people and hearing their concerns is exactly why De Jonge likes being on the campaign trail. 

"Represent the people as best we can, and you can't do that without hearing their active concerns and knowing where they are coming from and hearing all the individual perspectives throughout this campaign and getting to know the constituents of Chestermere - Strathmore." 

De Jonge is looking forward to working closely with all her colleagues in the legislature. De Jonge expresses that she wants to fulfill the commitments the UCP has made to Albertans throughout the process of this campaign.

"I'm looking forward to improving the lives, the livelihood, the families and the safety of all Albertans."

As for what De Jonge likes to do in her free time, as a new MLA she'll be pretty busy and doesn't expect to have much time off.

"I think we'll be incredibly busy this summer and we've got a lot to do as we reform government, so I don't know if I'll have any time for hobbies." 

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