Alberta 55+ is hosting the Sturling Provincials at the Strathmore Curling Club.

Sturling is a relatively new sport; it was invented by a man from Didsbury about 20 years ago.

Joss Binns will be competing in the Sturling Provincials and explains what the game is about.

“Sturling is a two-person game that only lasts an hour. You play with six rocks each, and you just throw them and don't sweep at all. It is an easy way for older people to enjoy curling,” Binns said.

There will be six people, including Binns from Strathmore, competing in the provincial championships.

“Sturling is a very quick game. You throw six rocks one after another, and at the end, you're skipping, so you’re always involved in the game."

A sturling team has two members, compared to traditional curling, which is made up of a team of four members.

The Sturling Provincials will be taking place from Friday, February 16 at 12:30 p.m. until 3 p.m. on Sunday, February 18.

Binns is encouraging all to come out and watch and learn about the new sport, all while enjoying some drinks and food at the bar.

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