It has been great weather for the farms in the area this week and our latest stop on the Seed and Feed tour this spring is taking full advantage of it! 

The 104.5 More Country team headed out to Rockyford in the cruiser today to deliver lunch to Hi-Tech Farms courtesy of Mike's Bar & Grill!  

When we visited Hi-Tech last time, they were trying something new with their fertilizer. Instead of putting the fertilizer in the ground and hoping it all works out, they were going to spray the crops when the time is right but as farmer Will Kettenbach mentioned it didn't work out at all. 

"It was a total loss; we are trying something a little bit different but that is also not working worth spit either. We are about to drop the fancy stuff and just go with our standard liquid fertilizer." 

Hi-Tech farms 1735 acres and are seeding wheat, canola, peas and if they are feeling up to it lentils but Kettenbach said that they will decided on that at a later time. He also said that this year has been a disaster so far because they have been fighting with the fertilizer. "This is day four, so hopefully we will get things ironed out today and to start to make some headway."

The farm has been in operation for the past 100 years today! "We are trying to get the government stuff, but it is a big job and we will see, hopefully we will get the plaque." 

Today's delivery was sponsored by Strathmore Motor Products nominate a farm today: