The government of Alberta is providing $25.6 million over the next three years for the Transition to Adulthood program (TAP), which helps transition young adults to live independently, pursue education and build their careers out of government care. The program offers specialized, coordinated and constant services for young adults that were currently in the childcare system.  

This will mean more youths and young adults aging out of government care can continue accessing the specialized services that they will need for success.  

Minister of Children's services Mickey Amery explains that youth and young adults transiting out of care deserve to have access to the same workplace opportunities and post-secondary paths as the people around them. 

“My ministry is taking action to remove barriers they face and invest in their future so they can chase their dreams and reach their full potential.” 

This government funding will help young adults build a career in skill trades with training and education-related supports such as things like worksite tours, mentorship programs, preparing for apprentice exams, career fairs, training, work placement and skills development. 

This will support more than 500 youth and young adults who are interested in building a career in the trades.  

Minister of Skill Trades and Professions Kaycee Madu says the government is working to ensure that youth care has an opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and competencies they need to have and enjoy fulfilling lives and careers.  

“I am proud of the work our government is doing to ensure youth transitioning out of care have the resources that they need to enter a designated trade.”  

Research has shown that young people leaving government care can face barriers when they move onto post-secondary schooling and have high risks of unemployment or underemployment. They also typically have faced trauma, live with mental health issues and are more likely to face some sort of discrimination and barriers when it comes to getting a higher education.

Former youth that has transitioned out of government care Emilia St. Pierre expressed that this is a fantastic investment for youth and young adults that are aging out of care and that she is a prime example of how a youth with the right supports in place can succeed. 

“I wouldn’t have been able to pursue a career in the trades without the support of TAP's Advancing Futures program. I think more youth and young adults in care will pursue a trades career and in turn find long term success at life, thanks to this intuitive.”  

St. Pierre is also a red seal welder and a graduate of NAIT. Statistics have shown that youth aging out of care in Canada will make about $326,000 less over their lifetime compared to their peers.  

For more information on the Transiting to Young Adult Program (TAP) click here

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