Strathmore has been no stranger to weather warnings recently. With the heat warning of last week, the consistent thunder and tornado watches before that and now another thunderstorm watch today, we've seen our fair share of crazy weather. The crazy weather can be concerning for some, but it's something the Strathmore Fire Department is especially focused on.

Strathmore Fire Department Captain Eric Alexander says wildfires are more common in the summer due to the heat. The heat warnings we've had recently only add to the concern.

"The risk of fire spreading is a lot greater in the summer months because obviously, it's warmer out, it's dryer out, and the fire is able to grow faster than it does in the winter months."

Alexander added that Strathmore's lighter wild grass compared to thicker bushes or trees can be difficult to manage if a fire does break out.

"Strathmore is a bit of a unique area compared to a lot of municipalities that have the denser brush all around it, our biggest concern is a running grass fire, or the crops out here. the problem with those is they move extremely fast because it's such a light fuel it burns really fast and it has the ability to move really fast."

When you combine the heat warnings with the thunderstorm watches we've had recently, you could be facing a difficult situation. However, if the rain is strong enough during a thunderstorm, we may not have to worry about it.

"After extended heat waves like we had, lightning will create fires even though there is a little bit of rain coming on. But as the moisture starts to seep into the vegetation and everything that risk decreases."

However, if you're looking for a silver lining, Alexander mentioned that the risk of housefires is decreased in the summer because people are spending time outside and using less electricity.

Extreme weather can also be harmful to your individual health. While Alexander and the fire department are making sure the town stays safe from fire, he urges people to be smart and pay attention to weather warnings for your own health. He said you can go to the cooling station during extreme heat, and to stay inside if there's a thunderstorm or tornado warning.

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