Siksika Nation Land Management recently completed Phase Two of the Land Use Plan and is now moving into Phase Three. 

Siksika Nation Chief and Council officially approved Siksika Nation’s Land Use Plan on January 24, 2024.

"Our population is growing. Nation members want to return home to Siksika, and this defined plan helps us accommodate future generations. From farmlands, ranch lands, and homes, we want to ensure we can accommodate all the needs of Siksika, today, and into the future," said Chief Ouray Crowfoot. 

On January 18, 2022, the Siksika Nation Chief and Council passed a BCR that gave direction and full support to Lands Management to undertake the process of creating a 20-year Land Use Plan.

As it stands now, Siksika lands encompass approximately 210,080 acres of land. Some of the primary land uses are community pastures and cultivated agriculture land. Across the reserve there are thirty community pastures, which make up about 74,122 acres, this does not account for private pastures.

The Land Use Inventory engagement process will be valuable information as Siksika Nation is planning for population growth and will need more community developments and infrastructure to accommodate more people.

How the phases started and where they are now:

  • Siksika begins Phase One: Assessing the Need & Capacity Development in 2022.
  • Siksika enters Phase Two: Land Use Plan Development in 2023.
  • Siksika enters Phase Three: Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation & Compliance 2024.

As Phase Three is getting started there will be ongoing opportunities for feedback on the plan, policies, and processes. There will be a celebration to report all this back to the community this spring and summer.

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