After a stellar season, the Strathmore High School Spartans football team held their awards ceremony on Thursday, December 22.

The award recipients are chosen by the coaching staff and this year head coach Danny Warrack said there was a lot of talent on the team, and it was not easy to choose the winners. 

Warrack also noted that this off-season will be much different for the players who want to come back next season, "At the awards banquet, we announced our off-season weight and speed training. We're partnering up with Alpha Project out of Calgary, they are a football specific training company.  They're writing position specific training programs for our kids that starts in February and goes until the end of May."

This is something new for the team as Warrack explained that fitness and condition was something that did hinder the team during the season, "That was probably the biggest problem we had last year was we weren't quite strong enough or not quite fast enough some games. That's just something we've got to work on, and it'll come,"

With this additional training program, he said that the players are very excited to have this type of opportunity and that it will be offered to the players three times a week in Strathmore.

Warrack a long-time football player himself has been on the coaching staff since 2016, becoming the head coach this season, "It wasn't always an easy group to coach we had to work for it for sure. The season wasn't without its turmoil, but you know we came together when it mattered which reflects good on the program. I think that means we're on the right track and future looks great."

Awards were handed out in the following categories and Coach Warrack has this to say about each player:

MVP - Brady Johansen 

"That is the second year in a row he's won that award in my opinion he is probably the best player we've ever had at our school; I've followed the program a long time or been around it and he's meant a lot to our program."

Spartan Pride - Avery Harroun 

"He's a grade 12 player. He was new to football when he came in in grade 10, he didn't always start, but he had a great attitude.  He loved football and being a Spartan, he was the ultimate team player."

Most Improved Player - Rein Idnurm

"He's in grade 11 and plays offensive line, he's an undersized offensive lineman.  He plays really hard practices hard, and he always brings it."

Rookie of the Year - Logan Oryschak 

"He plays receiver also plays on all the special teams he is a really hard worker. He's got a bright future."

Defensive Player of the Year - Porter Zaugg

"He's in grade 11 and we have got him coming back which I am really excited about!"

Offensive Player of the Year - Jacob Robson. 

"He's graduating, he's a running back and a really good player, we'll miss him for sure."

Lineman of the Year - David Marlowe 

"He's in grade 11. He's a big kid, like 6 foot three or four, 240, so he'll be an anchor on our offensive line next year and defensive line."

Special Teams Player of the Year - CJ Nelson 

"He's in grade 11, he kicks field goals, punts, and did an excellent job at that this year. Special teams as the season wore on, definitely played a big part in winning some games."

Coaches Pick - Adam Greenhill

"He's in grade 12 and was a leader on the team, just a really good kid and a hard worker, we'll miss him for sure."

Coaches Pick - Gage Robison

"He's in grade 11, he's kind of a mister-do-it-all, a jack of all trades type player. We are looking forward to having him back next year."

Also, during the evening, Warrack said that the coaching staff announced the captains for next year which was also voted on by the coaching staff.

  • Porter Zaugg
  • Gage Robison
  • Dylan Elliot
  • Bodey Pettifer
  • Rein Idnurm

After a great season, Warrack is not letting the foot off the gas as they build for next season, "We've got lots of kids that have talent and potential they just need a good offseason or two and that's going to help."

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