A local fundraiser exceeded expectations.

On Giving Tuesday (Nov 28), servers at Orginal Joes gave 100 per cent of their tips to Stand Against Sexual Assault (STAND ASA). In total, they raised $3072. 

"We had regulars come in for lunch and dinner because they wanted to support. One person donated $500," expressed the Founder of STAND ASA and server at Orginal Joe's, Erin Brassard.

Brassard stated it was a huge win to see so many customers supporting the initiative.

"We've never done it for a Giving Tuesday before but because of how this time went we'll be doing it every Giving Tuesday now for sure."

All donations will stay in the community.

"Because this money was raised by locals in Strathmore, the money will go directly to providing holistic healing workshops in the Strathmore area."

STAND ASA will provide programs like an equine retreat, sit therapy, yoga, and for the first time ever, a rage release workshop. 

"A huge thank you to every single person that came down and donated. A lot of small donations just add up and create such a huge impact." 

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