If you've stayed up late this week, chances are you were rewarded with a beautiful sight of the Northern Lights, as they've been gracing our skies the last couple of nights.

Ellie Jubenville first saw the Northern Lights two years ago when she moved to Strathmore from Calgary, and said when she first saw them she instantly became hooked on trying to see them whenever she could. Even though this sometimes includes long sleepless nights of waiting, she said it's all worth it to see how beautiful they can be.

"There's this magic happening in the sky, the green, the different colors, and the movement of the Aurora. And every time you see them, they're different," she said. 

auroraOne of several photos Ellie took of last night's aurora.
Photo courtesy: Ellie Jubenville

As for how she takes her pictures, the process is easier than you may think! Ellie explained she takes them on her iPhone 13, and can get them from her balcony. Sometimes she'll go to Strathmore Lakes as well.

If you're hoping to see the Northern Lights for yourself, it looks like you're in luck. According to the Aurora Forecast website, these next couple of nights look very promising for another chance to see the northern lights. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most likely they'll occur, tonight is at an 8, While February 17 and 18 are both at a 9.

aurora scheduleA screenshot from the Aurora Forecast website
auroraOther residents also took some great photos! This one is from Lois Francis-Munro.

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