On April 20, The Strathmore Archery Club held their Club Championship on the Strathmore agricultural grounds in the red.  The familiar twang of the bowstring catapulted many local residents into the top three spots within the club.  Ken Kuenzl, secretary of the Strathmore Archery Club said, "This our three spot club championship, so all the shooters are shooting at a three spot target one arrow per target, 10 ends 30 arrows in total scored out of 300."  Later in the year, they will hold a qualifying tournament to determine the members who could compete in zones to later compete in the Winter Games in Airdrie.  The club has seen an overall growth of 120 per cent since last year due to the efforts of new staff members who focus on social media.


Gold - Ken Kuenzl
Silver - Randy Pratt
Bronze - Logan Beck 

Gold - Nicole Gordon
Silver - Roxanne Shank
Bronze - Nikki VanOyen

Gold - Logan Beck
Silver - Ryan Shank
Bronze - Coleton Fike

Gold - Aleysiah Kuenzl
Silver - Jasmine Hickman
Bronze - Naysa Kuenzl