Through the generosity of our community members, Strathmore Canadian Tire was the highest-earning store for the Jumpstart program. Because of this, Canadian Tire is donating an additional $10 000 into our community, which provides a huge boost to the $8000 Strathmore Canadian Tire raised through till donations alone. Strathmore Canadian Tire owner Michael Tourond is extremely grateful to our community members who made this possible.

"I certainly owe a debt of gratitude to our community for supporting our fundraising efforts because, without them, we couldn't have achieved that amazing number," he said.

The Jumpstart program focuses on helping kids play sports, as some families may not be able to afford all the equipment and costs associated with sports and Canadian Tire hopes to eliminate this barrier for many families. The fundraising efforts took place in June.

Regarding the $8000 Strathmore raised, Tourond says the actual number is much higher, as there were many donations made outside of till donations that haven't been added to the total. While he won't be able to provide the exact number, it's safe to say that at least $ 20,000 is going back into our community when you account for the $ 10,000 provided by Canadian Tire, and that estimate is likely considerably lower than the actual amount.

"Last year we raised enough money to support 368 children within Strathmore, and obviously that was with probably half as much as we're going to have this year. So we should be able to help in the neighbourhood of 800 children, and that's a new record for Strathmore." 

Tourond believes this enormous donation reflects Strathmore's community members and how much we look out for each other, and says he is elated to live in a community where the people are this caring.

"Strathmore is certainly made better by how we take care of those that are struggling and this is certainly one way we do it, and I certainly know this isn't the only way that Strathmore takes care of their own citizens, but certainly this ensures that no child is left without the opportunity to play or get involved."

He added he believes this also reflects a trust in the Jumpstart program, which Tourond is ready to deliver on. He said every dollar raised goes straight into our community, and there are no administration fees or other costs so 100% of the donation will be used to support Strathmore families.

The Jumpstart program was created in 2005, and Tourond says since then Strathmore Canadian Tire has dispersed $ 380,000. To learn more about the Jumpstart program and to sign up visit

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