Strathmore is expected to receive yet another display of the northern lights tonight.

The town saw a similar event during the weekend of May 10-11.

Predictions are for a strong exhibit with a 40 per cent chance of having an all-sky overhead show.

According to Roland Dechesne with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Calgary branch, you'll see some beautiful lights.

"We will probably see mostly dominantly the green colours, which the eye can sometimes pick up. There may be some reds."

He says all you need to photograph the amazing event is a newer phone.

If you plan to head out tonight Dechesne says to go to the countryside.

"If it's one of the stronger displays as potentially predicted, it'll be overhead, and it doesn't really matter then which direction you go out of Strathmore. You might hit the 817 South or Trans-Canada East or West."

Dechesne says you want to get away from light pollution when trying to view the spectacle.

The best time to check out the display will be after dark.

"That's one of those open questions in the prediction is exactly when it will be best here in southern Alberta," added Dechesne.

If you plan to check out the lights, make sure to pull off to the side of gravel roads.