The Strathmore High School Girls Rugby 7's are provincial champions. 

The girls won the Tier 2 Girls Rugby 7's Championship this weekend, with the boys finishing third in the Tier 2 Boys Rugby 7's Championship. 

Bethy Salmon, a player on the Girls Rugby 7's, said this is her fourth provincial win and that the team did well this weekend.

"On Friday, we won our first two games and then tied the 3rd, and I was kind of not happy about the tie, but it was better than a loss. However, we crushed it on Saturday!"

This is Salmon's last year playing for the team, and even though she loves the sport, she doesn't know if she will continue to pursue it in her university career. 

"I really want to focus on my studies, though, so I'm not sure if I could play university and keep my studies up, but it's something I'm considering."

Another team member, Sam Munro, said this win was exhilarating because it was her first provincial title.

"It feels great to have this win under my belt for my last year of high school," said Munro.

champs Girls Rugby 7's are provincial champions once again. (Photo Credits - Strathmore High School Facebook).

Munro expressed that this win has much to do with their coaching staff.

"Our very experienced coach helped us a lot through the season and convinced many new girls to play this year, and I think that helped us."

According to Munro, they are a very tight-knit team.

"We know each other through many other sports, and if you work well together, you're going for the win."

Karley Clark, also in her last year of high school, said the win was exciting but exhausting.

"It is a lot of running, and I cheered with my teammates. It was fun."

After this weekend, Clark explained that rugby was over for the season, and this was it for her.

"It is quite a short season compared to other sports, but yeah, it's sort of bittersweet." 

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