The Town of Strathmore has recently finalized the Hazardous Reduction Plan.

This plan aims to access grassland fuels on the landscape within Strathmore identify locations of high fire risk based on predicted fire behaviour, and prioritize and prescribe these areas for hazard reduction burning. 

Within this process, the Town of Strathmore Administration has selected regions within the town to undergo hazard-reduction burning treatment which is to reduce the the risk of wildfire, reduce the number of nuisance fires, and better prepare the community in the event of an approaching wildfire on the landscape. 

"Our community is situated in an area of grassland fuels. Great care was taken to identify hazardous wildland fuel types on the landscape and how they would impact the community of Strathmore during a wildfire incident,” said Strathmore Fire Chief David Sturgeon. 

Hazard reduction burning is used to quickly, effectively, and safely remove dead and/or dying (cured) grassland fuels from around communities.

“The Hazard Reduction Plan is a great example of our Town being proactive. Especially, when we consider that the Province has declared an early start to wildfire season and the fact that we are facing drought conditions,” said Mayor Pat Fule.

Treatments recommended in this plan will help reduce the risk of grassland fires by removing cured grass through the ignition system.

Burning of the landscape is a natural process that eliminates old growth and allows new grass regeneration, allowing nutrients to re-enter the soils and grow new life.

These controlled burns will not impact road access, traffic patterns, or the health and safety of residents.

Hazard reduction burns will be carried out as weather conditions allow.

The Town encourages residents to watch for public notices informing them of upcoming controlled burn sites.

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