On Saturday (Jan 27), 23 students from grades 1–12 received awards at the Strathmore Legion.

Each year, before Remembrance Day, students submit a poem, essay, or poster reflecting their understanding of remembrance.

Over 10 students received first place prizes, and their artwork has been sent onwards to the Alberta-Northwest Territories Provincial Command for judging.

Students were placed in categories based on age and whether they submitted a poem, essay, or poster, and then judged accordingly.

The essay winners were:

  • 1st place Senior essay: Charleigh Burns
  • 1st place Intermediate essay: Madison Harnden
  • 2nd place Intermediate essay: Luke Rochford
  • 1st place Junior essay: Maci Warrack
  • 2nd place Junior essay: Maya Red Old Man

The poem winners were:

  • 1st place Senior poem: Charleigh Burns
  • 1st place Intermediate poem: Preston Ward
  • 2nd place Intermediate poem: Magdelina Walter
  • 3rd place Intermediate poem: Naomi Hofer
  • 1st place Junior poem: Liam Orme
  • 2nd place Junior poem: Rhoda Walter

The poster winners in the colour and black and white categories were:

  • 1st place Intermediate colour poster: Kathryn Elaschuk
  • 2nd place Intermediate colour poster: Madison Baron
  • 3rd place Intermediate colour poster: Rebecca Walter
  • 1st place Junior colour poster: William Walter
  • 2nd place Junior colour poster: Mason
  • 1st place Primary colour poster: Leanne Walter
  • 2nd place Primary colour poster: Samuel Walter 
  • 3rd place Primary colour poster: Mila Grace Hofer
  • 1st place Intermediate black & white poster: Magdelina Walter
  • 1st place Junior black & white poster: Levi Walter
  • 2nd place Junior black & white poster: Jonas Walter
  • 3rd place Junior black & white poster: Meghan Hofer

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