As Strathmore residents go about their daily routines, they may notice a sudden uptick in gas prices at local stations.

From a relatively steady $1.399, some gas stations in town are now marking up to $1.489 per liter. 

As April approaches, Canadians are gearing up for another increase in carbon emissions prices, slanted to rise by $15 per tonne starting April 1st. 

The adjustment is part of the federal government's commitment to raise the carbon price until 2023, in a bid to curb greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. 

The current federal fuel charge is 14.3 cents per liter, which will be jumping to 17.6 cents due to the increase.

The carbon tax jump will also increase diesel to 21 cents per liter.

The initiative aims to impose a fee on greenhouse gas emissions, thereby increasing the cost of burning fossil fuels. 

As of 10:16 today (March 6) the cheapest gas stations in Strathmore are Co-op (100 Edgefield Pl and Geroge Freeman Trail), Hi Ho Gas (3 Parklane Dr and Thomas Drive), and Mobil (101 900 Prine Rd and Hwy 1) at $1.399. 

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