The Strathmore High School Spartans football team enjoyed a huge win last week, but are now preparing for a much tougher test. On Friday at 6:00 p.m, they will visit Cardston to take on the Cougars.

Spartans Head Coach Danny Warrack said the Cougars run a strong program.

"They're going to take advantage of any of our weaknesses. They play very similar and train very similar to how an American high school would, so they may be a little ahead of us by a few years I would think."

While Cardston poses a big challenge, that doesn't mean Warrack and the Spartans are giving up though. The game is still winnable, but it will take the entire team firing on all cylinders to pull an upset off.

"Obviously maximum effort, we're going to need that for sure. We definitely have to limit our turnovers on offense. We had two last weekend, which wasn't bad, but we pretty much have to play perfect football against this team to have a chance."

"Flawless execution, you got to be opportunistic. When you get your chance to score or get a turnover you have to cash in on that chance."

Where Cardston has the edge in experience, the Spartans may have the advantage in physicality. 

"I think we got a good team too. We're a little younger, maybe a little more inexperienced. We got some really good athletes, definitely a physical team so we have to keep that up."

Last week's win was in Strathmore for the Spartans' home opener, but they'll find themselves on the other side of it tomorrow, as this will be the Cougars' home opener. 

"I'm expecting a big crowd, it'll be loud. It's going to be a tough environment to play in but I think our boys will be ready for it."

Cardston is a town of around 3,500 people and around a 2 1/2 hour drive south of Strathmore.

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