After a really successful season and coming together to win their League Banner, the Strathmore Storm played amazing hockey.  The final challenge for the year was Provincials where the team saw a lot of positive momentum that put them in the finals.  The first set of games through round-robin play saw the Strathmore Storm winning three games and one game ending in a tie.  They even managed a crushing win against Edmonton with a score of 11 to 1.

Next was the semi-finals where they took on a tough Calgary squad but bested them 6 to 2, which put them into a final game versus Lac Labiche.  Going into the game the captains of the team understood the challenge in the Lac Labiche team but came out fighting.  Doug Keer, assistant coach of the Storm said, " It was a fast-paced game and the girls worked extremely hard.  Just fell a bit short of a very strong team.  We outshot them - just didn’t outscore them."