Street Sweeping is set to begin in the Town of Strathmore on April 29. 

Each year, the Town of Strathmore sweeps up tonnes of sand and debris from hundreds of kilometers of town roads. This helps to prevent that material from being washed into the storm drain system and keeps the streets and pathways clean.

Street cleaningTown of Strathmore Street Sweeping schedule. 

Today (April 26), crews will be putting up signage in Wildflower Ranch and Wildflower Heights.

Do not park in areas with "No Parking" signs so the street sweepers can clean right to the curb. 

"You may also notice our Parks team using their equipment to sweep grassy areas along various pathways and boulevards. This will improve the quality of the turf, reduce weeds, and help prevent our mowers from shooting rocks when cutting grass," the Town of Strathmore stated. 

The list of dates is as follows:

  • April 29 - Wildflower Ranch and Wildflower Heights.
  • April 30 - Strathmore Lakes Estates. 
  • May 1 - Westmount.
  • May 2 - Hillview.
  • May 3- The Ranch.
  • May 5 - Downtown.
  • May 6 - Aspen Creek and Edgefield.
  • May 7 - Green Meadows and Parkwood.
  • May 8 - Cambridge Glen and Maplewood.
  • May 9 - Thorncliff, Bayside Place, Brentwood and Briarwood.
  • May 10 - Strathaven.
  • May 13 - Strathcona.
  • May 14 - Glenwood and Lakewood Meadows. 

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