If you want to support local businesses in a fun way and potentially earn prizes along the way, then get ready to grab a bingo card and get shopping on Monday, August 29!

The Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce (SWCC) is kicking off the school year with their "Back to School Bingo" cards! Past chair of the SWCC Hayley Poirier explains how you can use these cards to win some prizes and support local business.

"Local people can go into those businesses and grab a bingo card, and there's a little task that they could do when they're in the store. And once they've completed that task they will get an initial from the store and then they can go to another store. And they're looking to get a bingo line, just like a traditional bingo card."

Some of the tasks include things like dining at PJ's Diner, but not all of the tasks involve spending money. For example, the task at Serendipity's is "browse the racks and see if you can find your new favourite outfit." Poirier explained that even without purchasing something, just visiting these businesses can be a great experience.

"Sometimes just getting exposed to a business that you maybe haven't been into for a while, or that you've never been in; here's an opportunity to go and visit and see what they're all about."

This event will run from August 29 to September 15, and the grand prize is a $100 pre-paid Visa gift card! To enter for your chance to win, take a picture of your card with a completed line to the 104.5 More Country Text Line at 403-902-1111 to be entered to win. Throughout these two weeks, smaller gift card prizes will be given out on random days so make sure you're listening to 104.5 More Country! 

Even if you miss out on winning with one line, Poirier explained you can enter to win plenty of times, so keep on visiting the local businesses and increase your odds!

"If I was allowed to play, I would probably get my one line filled out, I would send that card in, and then I would start a new line. So you could enter ten times if you wanted to."

The bingo cards will be available at any of the businesses featured, and you can also find them on the SWCC's website as well. Make sure you get out there starting next week to celebrate some of our great local businesses and earn a nice prize for doing so!