March is Pharmacist Appreciation Month, and StrathmoreNow has teamed up with the crew at Strathmore Value Drug Mart (SVD) to highlight a different pharmacist each week. 

This week, we are highlighting Gerda Klassen, a dedicated SVD pharmacist with over 30 years of experience. 

Klassen's journey started back in 1992 when she graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. 

She immediately started working in the industry after graduation, eventually making her way to SVD in 2000 as a full-time pharmacist. 

“I chose this career path because I always wanted to work in the medical industry. At first, I considered nursing, and I tried it out for a bit, but it wasn't for me. I knew I wanted something more technical, which is why I got into pharmacy,” said Klassen. “I didn't know much about pharmacy when I first got into it, but here I am 30 years later.” 

Klassen offered some advice to any young people who may be considering a career in pharmacy. 

“Learn as much as you can about it. Try to job-shadow someone if you can. You’re always welcome to talk to me or one of the other pharmacists here about it too. Pharmacy is good, but it has changed a lot in the past few years, and that is something to keep in mind.” 

When asked what she loves most about being a pharmacist, Klassen said she loves that she can help people out. 

“I enjoy working with people and trying to solve problems for them. And if I can do that, it's so rewarding.” 

Just like our previous pharmacist of the week, Mike Field, said that he has the greatest team at SVD, Klassen made a similar remark. 

“I enjoy working with my colleagues here at SVD. They are the greatest.” 

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