Yesterday, a driver was stopped by a Chestermere RCMP Peace Officer due to speeding 173 km/hr through an 80 zone.

A Chestermere Peace Officer driving Westbound Highway 1 coming back from Strathmore Provincial Court conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling Eastbound Highway 1 East of Range Road 281 that was speeding.

The driver was stopped for speeding and careless driving. 

They were released on mandatory court appearances which they are scheduled to attend in May.

“Travelling at double the speed limit like this puts both the driver and others in jeopardy. Reaction times are slower, and the stopping distance is significantly longer. At 93km/hr over the posted speed limit, a person’s disregard for himself, and other's safety is abundant and has no place on the roads we drive on and enforce daily,” says Peace Officer Curcic.

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