The Strathmore Bucking Bull Futurity took place yesterday, and an impressive turnout has organizers and the Ag society thinking about making this an annual event.

TFB Ranch and the Strathmore Ag society teamed up to show locals top yearlings and two-year-old bulls competing to bring home championship buckles.

Yes, you read that right, the bulls themselves are competing.

Event host Colin Forster explains the bulls are judged on their bucking ability.

“They don't have riders on their back. They just have a little 15-pound weight on their back. It is just based on their ability to buck. So there are five categories that they're scored on and then there's three or four judges that that look at the bull and then the average is figured out and placed accordingly from there.”

This is done to test the bulls, as most of the competitors are yearlings or two years old and have not been tested on these merits. 

The event exceeded Forster's expectations, leaving him hopeful for the future.

“We had a really good turnout for entries. There was 68 head of bulls who entered yesterday over the six classes. So that would be one of the top entries lists for Canada in recent years. We were really happy about that. We had people travel from all over Western Canada. We had people from John Merritt BC out to Kindersley Saskatchewan come down so we had people come from quite a ways.” 

Forester also wants to spread his love for raising and competing bulls with the community through this event.

“We're just trying to get some interest in the community. We want people to be aware that they could own a bucking bull or be partners on a bucking bull, they don't have to have any grounds. They don't have to have a farm, they can partner on a bull. The other owner will look after it, train it, feed it, send your photos, keep you updated, haul them to events for you. It's just another way to try and get people involved in our sport and then keep these events in the community.”

With the incredible turnout for the event, it's possible Forester will get his wish and see bull raising grow in the community.

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