Last September, six puppies were abandoned on the side of the highway in Rockyview, left to fend for themselves. A situation like this usually has an unfortunate conclusion, but many people came together to make sure these dogs wouldn't stay abandoned for long.

After several community reports about abandoned puppies, bylaw officers and community members alike got to work trying to rescue these puppies. While catching them was a struggle, a three week effort eventually led to four of them being rescued, now called the Gems of Wheatland County. Onyx, Jade, Sapphire, and Emerald all found safety and care at Alpine View Pet Spa, before eventually all finding their own loving homes through adoption.

dogsThree of the four Gems of Wheatland County

What about the other two? Initially presumed to have passed away, great news arrived when one of the other puppies eventually found their way onto a farm, where they have continued to live since they happened to stumble onto it.

That only left one puppy left, who unfortunately was not found for quite some time as she got away from the group and didn't make it onto a farm like her luckier sibling. However, in an interesting twist of fate, this last puppy somehow made their way to Cheadle.


"She was one range road away from all her sisters who were already here, which is super hilarious that she made it all the way over here on her own, and she's the only one left with us here so far," Alpine View owner Kyla Jane said.

Named Iris, Jane said it was especially surprising for her to make it to Cheadle; on top of the distance there really wasn't any reason for her to make the journey, as the rest of the Gems of Wheatland County weren't rescued anywhere near Cheadle.

"It's not like she would be able to track them (her siblings) or anything, it was just super weird, she ran her way through the fields." 

dogsIris warming up with her siblings after more than a month apart

Given that Iris was the one that was abandoned the longest, she has since grown to become the least trusting and social of the group. However, Jane said they're working with her to get her house ready so she can join a loving home.

"We're working on some rehabilitation with her and everyday she gets a little bit better, but she's definitely the hardest one of them all."

As for why Iris isn't named after a gem, Jane explained she was named by her initial rescuer, and she didn't want to change her name.

dogIris remains hard at work at Alpine View to start trusting people again

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