The Strathmore Theatre Players Guild is performing "The Odd Couple" for the next two weeks, and it's a play you definitely don't want to miss. Written by Neil Simon in 1965, this play won the Best Comedy Award for live theatre the same year, and it isn't hard to see why.

"The Odd Couple" is about as entertaining as a couple dispute can get. The play revolves around Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, two men living together with personalities that definitely should not be living together. After Felix gets a divorce, he starts living with Oscar. The only problem is that Oscar is a laid-back slob, and Felix is a tense neat freak.

Odd CoupleFelix (far right) standing perfectly still and upright while Oscar (far left) plays cards in a pigsty of an apartment sums up the personalities of the main characters quite well.

While it sounds like a simple premise, the performance from the cast and clever writing keeps you invested the entire time. It may sound like a simple comedy, but I found myself surprisingly interested in the plot and characters as well! A testament to well-written writing and great delivery.

As for the humor itself, it's very 60s, and the very concept of a domestic couple's dispute is a staple of earlier comedy. It was a nice blast to the past, especially if you grew up watching "The Odd Couple" on TV before.   As for me, I certainly enjoyed it, even though I'm not from the generation that would've recognized this or had nostalgia about it. You don't have to be from the 60s to enjoy the play, the jokes are still funny and the cast was entertaining to watch.

The highlight of the play for me was the arrival of the Pigeon sisters, two bombastic British sisters bringing a fresh burst of energy after Felix's general moroseness. While their stage time is relatively short compared to Felix and Oscar (who are on stage the entire time), they made every second count and it was an absolute joy to watch how Felix and Oscar responded to their unexpected, jovial personalities.

Pigeon SistersTheir personalities are almost as bombastic as their outfits!

While the play has with a runtime of around 2:20, it didn't feel long to me. It was a wonderful way to spend the night and get some good laughs, the Players' Guild definitely delivered a fun, entertaining performance. The show runs from Oct. 12-15, and then the following week from the 19-22. You can buy tickets here, as well as at the Vault Cultural Collective. You can also just show up and buy a ticket at the door.