For the last couple of months Strathmore has had a wave people coming to resident's homes and leaving graphic anti-abortion materials at their doorsteps.  

Local resident, Allison Mabbott took matters into her own hands when she decided to take this issue to the weekly town council meeting last Wednesday as she has suffered from her own loss and wants to protect the rest of the town and the young citizens of Strathmore from seeing these images. 

During the meeting the town did decide to pursue a similar Bylaw to the City of Calgary where material such as these needs to be put in an envelope and it is the choice of the recipient if they want to open it, the materials must contain a graphic image warning and the address of the sender must be on the envelope for door-to-door distribution.

As per the City of Calgary each of these violations will be subject to carry a $1000 fine. 

Mabbott said that she strongly believes that everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs being heard but she does believe that the distribution of these materials needs to be done in a more sensitive fashion.  

"I can make sure all the safeguards are put into place, that our home feels safe and comfortable for our children but sadly, at this time I cannot control the possible possibility of graphic images that may be on our front door."

The risk of Mabbott's son along with any citizen coming home and seeing these images on their front door is high as the distribution of this material has increased drastically this summer. 

Loss is something that Mabbott is no stranger to and as she explained to council, she doesn't need to relive her trauma through the fear and anxiety of her children or herself coming home to graphic anti-abortion materials. 

"Yes, I can quickly remove the materials and throw them in the garbage. I'm aware of this and I am more than willing, but these organizations can also put these materials in envelopes, they can be labeled, and the decision to open this material can be of the individual."

Mabbott's main goal of addressing council was to voice her concerns with the materials that she sees on her door but more importantly she was asking for sensitivity and kindness.  

"I'm asking for kindness to protect those who have suffered infertility, miscarriage, stillbirths, or infant loss to protect children who walk home from school before their parents to offer a safeguard for individuals who do not know they need it. "

When Mayor Pat Fule asked CAO Kevin Scoble a time period for a report like this to come forward if the motion passes, he said sometime in October. 

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