Want to make a difference in the community and earn some great benefits with it? Try volunteering at the Strathmore Stampede!

If you're worried that volunteering at the stampede will take up too much of your day, Strathmore Stampede Event Coordinator Kate Dubois says you only need to volunteer as much as you're able.

"As long as you're communicating with your committee head and you let us know then we love having any volunteer, whether you can spend 20 minutes with us to an hour with us. Your time is appreciated at all times," she said.

Dubois explained that there's a committee head for each area that requires volunteers, like ushers, the beer gardens, admissions, and more. Each area has different requirements and hours, but you'll be able to volunteer for only as long as you're able. Just let your committee head know what your schedule is like and they'll find a way to fit you in.

"These committee heads base their schedules off of what they see as their busy time. Most shifts are no longer than 4 hours, some can run 1 hour, some can run 4 hours, it depends on the area you're volunteering in."

Volunteering for the stampede comes with many benefits. You get free access to the grounds for the day you're volunteering, a meal after your shift, a t-shirt and some swag. The best benefit may be the banquet at the end of the stampede.

"We do host a volunteer appreciation banquet, you get an extra meal and can be entered to win some fun raffle prizes we have. It's a fun way to celebrate the end of a great event."

There can be even more to like about volunteering aside from these benefits. Volunteering itself could see you getting access to some great shows.

"Our ushers hang around during the rodeo and chuckwagons and our Friday night concert as well, they're always looking for some extra people."

Dubois added it's also a great way to support the community.

"Strathmore Stampede can only run on volunteers, it takes a whole community to put it on so it's a huge help for us and allows the event to run smoothly."

While volunteers are appreciated in any area, Dubois said the areas that need the most volunteers are admissions, parking, ushers and the beer gardens. If you want to be a volunteer you can sign up here.

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