We have been in quite a deep freeze this week, with temperatures regularly hitting -40°C with wind chill. Meteorologist with Environment Canada Brian Proctor explained why we ended with such unseasonably cold temperatures for this time of year.

"We've got a really significant strong ridge of Arctic air that's extending down out of the Yukon territory, down along the east side of the Rockies, so we're seeing a number of records being set for record lows across the province."

However, Proctor did bring good news as well, as he said warmer temperatures are coming to give us a break for a few days.

"We've got a frontal system that's coming into BC on Friday into Saturday, that's going to push across the Rockies as we move through the weekend into the start of the work week, it's really going to allow the warm air to come up significantly."

Proctor did note looking ahead in the long-range forecast it looks to start getting cooler as we make our way into the new year.

"We start to cool off again, it looks like after the afternoon of the 28, temperatures start to fall on the 29 into the 31. So it looks like we're getting back into a bit of Arctic air for the New Year's period, but I don't think it will be as cold as what we recently experienced."

Heading into the holiday's Environment Canada is showing a daytime temperature of -17 on Friday, and -4 on Saturday and currently, we could see -2 on Sunday. 

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