MLA Chantelle de Jonge has big plans for 2024. 

It has been seven months since Chantelle de Jonge was elected MLA for Chestermere Strathmore and as we head into the new year, de Jonge has big plans coming ahead. 

"It has been a privilege and an honor to be elected and I look forward to the next three and a half years to fulfilling the mandate we received to grow and diversify the economy," said de Jonge. 

de Jonge's biggest focus is on her community. 

"I've been working hard on is schools, as families are choosing to call Chestermere and Strathmore home. Our schools are busting at the seams. It's been many years since Chestermere has seen a new school and since 2001 the city has grown by nearly 500%. So I'm continuing to advocate for schools and additional learning spaces."

de Jonge is also planning to focus on transportation come the new year. 

"We need to increase the focus on safer roads on proper transportation infrastructure in and around Chestermere generally, the entire area east of Calgary is growing so fast. That includes Langdon as well and we need to make sure that as people who are commuting between the City of Calgary and their homes in communities east of Calgary have a safe and timely commute, so that's been a big focus of mine."

Alberta is the fastest-growing province and de Jonge says her government is working towards affordability and with that comes housing.

"November of this year compared to November of last year shows a housing start increase by about 30% and there is much more work to do. Part of that is working with our municipalities, making sure there's not the red tape that's preventing housing starts from increasing." 

The big project that de Jonge and her government are working on this new year is reinforcing the healthcare system. 

"We've announced a strategy to refocus our healthcare system around patients that will ensure that Albertans have access to more effective care and improved frontline service delivery."

Starting in January, de Jonge has said they will be launching an engagement across the province with healthcare workers and Albertans to hear from them and the challenges they face regarding the healthcare system. 

"I encourage everyone to stay tuned for those in-person engagement sessions. I'll be posting any of the local engagement sessions on my Facebook page and hope to see everyone there, so we can move towards that fully integrated healthcare delivery system."

This delivery system will focus on full priority sectors, primary care, acute care, continuing care, and mental health and addiction.

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