It's Labour Day long weekend and with that comes another heat wave. Saturday we are going to a high of 30 degrees which is going to be one of the hottest days of September. 

Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada Samantha Mauti explained that there is a possibility to see some warmer temperatures this week and into September. 

"We're forecasting above-normal temperatures, but the probability isn't super high on that fact. The forecast says a 50% chance of above-normal temperatures in the Strathmore Area. However, as we continue throughout the month, these normals are dropping, so saying above normal isn't saying that it is going to be super warm throughout the month."

Mauti says that for the rest of the month, Environment Canada seeing a lot of mid-20s and that's not to say that it's not possible that you could see high 20s or even low 30s.

"That has happened in the Strathmore area through September, even October. So it's generally possible, but if you enjoy the super warm temperatures, definitely enjoy them while they last." 

If you are headed to places like Banff or Jasper this weekend, you might experience some showers. Banff is staying in that low to mid-twenties this weekend with some rain that is expected on Monday. Jasper is going to be experiencing some of the same types of temperatures and possible rain on Sunday.

"Definitely the mountains are a great initiator of showers and thunderstorms, so there is a possibility that they're going to see some upsloping precipitation. So generally precipitation is enhanced by terrain." 

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