Connor Kautz, an athlete from Lyalta, was honoured at a Wheatland County Council meeting for his remarkable athletic accomplishments. 

"Connor's dedication and talent shine through his participation in various sports, notably as a key member of the Wheatland U16 AA Hockey Team. However, it is his exceptional skills in the sport of luge that garnered special recognition from Council," Wheatland County stated. 

Luge, a high-speed racing sport that demands precision, sees athletes lying face up on a sled and navigating through a defined course at remarkable speeds.

Kautz's path to representing Luge Canada was far from simple, demanding rigorous training, testing, and participation in competitive events.

Ultimately, Kautz stood out as one of just two athletes selected from a pool of 2,200 candidates nationwide.

Only 30 of these contenders received funding, underscoring the commendable nature of Connor's selection as one of the two representatives.

Fresh from training in Whistler, BC, where the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Luge event took place, Kautz had the chance to glide down the same tracks that once hosted the world's top athletes a decade ago.

"Moved by this experience, Connor revealed his dream of competing in the Olympics someday—a vision Wheatland County wholeheartedly embraced and eagerly awaited. As Connor continues to pursue his Olympic dreams, Wheatland County extends its heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for his continued success."

Connor KrautzConnor Kautz by Wheatland County for his remarkable athletic accomplishments. (Photo provided by Wheatland County). 

Wheatland Country congratulated Kautz for his dedication and determination.

"It serves as a source of pride for the community, and residents eagerly await the opportunity to cheer him on as he strives for Olympic glory. Congratulations, Connor, on your remarkable achievements, and may your future endeavors be as bright as your talent and ambition!" 

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