The residents at Wheatland Lodge hosted a fundraiser this morning for the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope Walk or Ride.

The ’Over the Hill’ Scooter Gang are generating the funds.

"It was fun. We went around down through the lake and around and back, which was beautiful. The weather was beautiful, so it was nice," said Olive Hayne, a resident at the Wheatland Lodge. 

The residents walked and rode around the downtown part of Strathmore, and people passing by were free to donate if they wanted to. 

"We will accept donations until the end of the day; we have our donation stand right here in the lodge." 

Kinsmen LakeTerry Fox donation bucket at the Wheatland Lodge.

This is the lodge's second time doing a fundraiser for the Terry Fox Run.

"We appreciate all the donors and the continued support from our community families and friends, as well as our residents and staff."

Hayne was grateful for the people who came out to support this morning.

"Everyone who cheered for us and came and talked to us today, thank you,"

Donations have not yet been tallied.

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