The 104.5 More Country Team was joined by today's sponsor DMM Energy to deliver lunch from Wildfire BBQ to Wheeler Farms, who are working about 40 minutes East of Strathmore today. 

Kelly Wheeler said the crew has had a great season so far and is set to wrap this season's harvest on wheat, barley, canola, oats, and peas. 

The Wheeler family has been farming in this area since 1908, and Kelly, a 4th generation farmer, has been enjoying this early harvest before they get ready to head into fall. 

"Normally we finish anywhere between September 10 to November 10," chuckled Wheeler, saying it will be nice to be done a bit earlier this year. 

The Wheeler family has their own acres to harvest but has also worked with other farms in the area over the past decade to help each other out, describing it as a very cooperative and synergistic way of farming. 

Working with other farms including Desmet Farms, Valleyview Ranch, and Grandview the group together harvests 9000 acres for Wheeler and the rest of farms it was a no brainer to work together. 

"Rhonda and I own most of the equipment but the others have some as well so we pool it all together and we work as a group," explained Wheeler.

Many of the people involved in each farm had worked together over the years and this way of working together has been a benefit, as Wheeler noted some of the farms are a bit smaller with less equipment. 

It can be harder to get everything you need but when they all work together and share equipment etc. it makes for a much more enjoyable venture. 

"Everyone has skin in the game so everyone works with each other to make sure everything gets done right and on time," explained Wheeler.

Community is a strong word around this area and the story of how these farms have all come together just shows how important community is. 

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