Strathmore has become a popular destination for Calgarians over the past few years whether it's cheaper real estate, desiring a small-town atmosphere and community, or moving for work, many Calgarians made the move to our community and have since grown to love it.

Dustin Roback is one of several Calgarians who made the move, and like many, he initially moved due to work. While the idea at first was to simply save time and avoid a one-hour drive every day, Roback continues to live here despite the fact he now works in Red Deer on a rotation basis.

"We (Roback and his wife) have grown to really love the town, there's a lot of walking trails and all the amenities are nearby, and there's no traffic. Everybody is really friendly. A lot of things to like," he said.

One of the many things Roback likes is also that Strathmore is a great place to raise a family saying that having access to many schools makes it easy when you have kids and they plans on starting a family here. On top of the many schools and amenities Strathmore has compared to its size, Roback added more affordable housing played a huge role in why they decided to make Strathmore home. He explained the house he has in Strathmore has "50% more house" for the same price as what you could get in Calgary.

While Roback is one of many who made the move already, there are others like Janet Ola who currently lives in Calgary but is considering the move. Ola shared that for her it is a lot about finances and affordable housing that is a big reason she wants to move to Strathmore, but it's not just that it's economically better to do so.

"It just seems like everybody is more personable, friendlier, there just seems to be more of a community spirit than you would find here (Calgary)," she said.

Unlike Roback, Ola would continue to work in Calgary, but she said the benefits of living in Strathmore outweigh the daily commute, which in her case would take around 45 minutes one way. In fact, she said this may not even be a problem at all.

"When I lived in Calgary, I lived in the north and I work in the South. Some days it would take me over an hour to get to work, so the driving is really not an issue."

Strathmore's friendly community, cheaper housing and rent prices, and proximity to Calgary all make it an increasingly popular destination for Calgarians to move to.

However, Roback said he believes Strathmore has more to offer than just a great place for Calgarians to move to, as he pointed out economically this is a great destination for new business as well.

"From an investment viewpoint, I think Strathmore is going to be one of the better satellites around Calgary. With the De Havilland plant, Phyto Organix, that wall board manufacturing facility in Carseland coming... It's not just in one industry or sector, so I would say to anyone that's looking to buy a house and they want to see that appreciation, this would be a good place to do it."

As Strathmore continues to grow, we may see many more people join our community to be a part of our thriving town.

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