Marigold Library System and the Western Irrigation District (WID) are moving forward with plans to build a shared facility that will house approximately 60 employees.

On September 13th an open house was held at the Strathmore town hall.  The purpose of the open house was to inform the public of proposed plans, answer any questions and discuss any concerns residents may have regarding the new joint building for WID and Marigold Library Headquarters. 

They are currently in the process of getting the land redesignated. 

" What's up for discussion for tonight is a couple parcels being proposed to be rezoned from urban reserve and industrial to commercial highway," says Chuck Proctor Town Planner

Marigold Library Systems, which provides services to 44 municipalities has its headquarters in Strathmore as the central location it was feasible to keep it here. Currently located in an old armory building adjacent to Sacred Heart Academy they were looking to expand to a facility with approximately 20,000 square feet in order to operate at full efficiency.

Marigold Library System Deputy CEO Laura Taylor says, "We investigated options within the community like other spaces and the size was not adequate for what we needed. We approached the WID as they were looking to expand on their headquarters so it was a very nice fit."

Marigold has received grants from the government to help secure funding for this endeavor, as well they are working in conjunction with the Town of Strathmore and County of Wheatland to draft loan agreements to help to fund the build.

For both non-profit organizations, the start of the build will remain on hold until rezoning is complete. Proctor says, "No official dates for first reading or public hearing have been set," It's likely the first reading will be held in November to bring information to council. 

The open house was well attended by interested residents and local politicians, WID General Manager David McAllister says, "I think it went very well we got a lot of feedback, interest, and support that we intend to incorporate moving ahead."

WID supplies irrigation water to over 400 farms covering 96,000 acres. Marigold Library Services provides the IT infrastructure and library services for the public libraries in multiple municipalities to serve their local residents. Both of these companies have strong roots within Strathmore and look forward to being able to serve residents for many years to come.