The world world-renowned dog show Paws Fur Fun will be visiting Strathmore to perform on Canada Day. While Paws Fur Fun is well-known to the international audience, Jen Fraser and her seven dog's journey actually started close to home, as she is located around 30 minutes East of Strathmore.

Jen Fraser and her seven dogs will dazzle the audience in Kinsmen Park with dog dancing, trick shows, frisbee throwing, and a lot more. She's especially excited to debut her new seven-month-old Pomeranian puppy named Martini to Strathmore with a fun trick show.

"We're going to do a couple educational bits, lots of fun music, and you definitely get to pet the dogs and visit in between shows," she said.

Fraser and her dogs truly are one of the best dog shows you can see in the world, and her resume reflects that. She's traveled around the world to places like Chile, England, Germany, Switzerland, and more, and has also just finished a documentary on dog dancing for Disney and Hulu.

"My dog Daiquiri has 13 Guinness World Records. In February, we flew down to Milan, Italy, to do a television show down there, and we were voted Dog of the Year and we were on a TV show called Dogs of the Year. Also America's Got Talent, Canada's Got Talent, we're hoping to do Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent coming up too," she added. 

Jen and DaiquiriFraser and Daiquiri with his official world record certificate.
Photo Courtesy Jen Fraser, Paws Fur Fun website

Among the many accolades Fraser and her dogs have earned, perhaps the most impressive is her appearances at CRUFTS, which is the biggest dog show in the world. She represented Canada at International Freestyle for the past two years, and in her first year performing dog dancing on the biggest stage she and Daiquiri tied for first place, as she had 26.50 points alongside Marianne Elise Methi. In the event of a tie, the performer with the higher score in music and interpretation is awarded 0.01 points more, leading to Methi finishing first and Fraser earning second.

Training dogs to get to such a high level of talent takes an unbelievable amount of dedication, and Fraser explained every opportunity she spends with her dogs is a chance to train them further. Once she gets a puppy she starts training them immediately, and every interaction is done with training with mind.

"Even my 8-year-old (Daiquiri) who has all of these accolades. I'm still teaching him new moves so he's still learning. You never stop training a dog and then of course I have to ensure that they are physically fit and mentally capable of handling the show, so that requires a lot of training every day. A lot of balance work, a lot of medicine ball work where they have to balance a lot to build up their core."

She added it's really important to feed your dogs properly too, and if you're looking to train a dog you can use food as motivation to teach them a new trick or way to behave.

Her seven dogs are named Daiquiri, Sambuca, Champagne, Chardonay, Martini, Fabio, and Razzle. Razzle is actually Fraser's 13-year-old daughter Jasmine's dog, who also joins the performances. Most of the dogs are named after alcoholic drinks despite the fact Fraser doesn't drink any alcohol at all.

"I just like really unique names and it's really funny because I don't drink at all like not. Even a drop. But I do like the theme of the names and I just like the actual uniqueness of the name. So once I named one dog Daiquiri and then I got another dog Sambuca, I just kind of ran with it."

To see more of Fraser and her dogs you can visit her website, and you can also check our, which is a dog resort run by Fraser. On her website you will find various social media links, all with the hashtag #JenandDaiquiri.