You can have your say at an upcoming Strathmore Town Council meeting if you do or don't want to see additional garden and garage suites in the town.

A public hearing date has been set for July 3 for residents to discuss if they want to see the approval of the potential new suites.

Kate Bakun, the Town of Strathmore's planner, says the town's goal is to implement understandable regulations for the proposed suites.

"It's important to know that approving the new regulations won't automatically lead to all 1,300 eligible property owners developing garden suites right away."

According to town staff, council will need to amend the Land Use Bylaw to allow for the suites in Strathmore.

As well, there are no financial costs at this time, but staff say they need time to write future reports.

However, if the Land Use Bylaw amendment is adopted, the town would then receive additional revenue from future development and building permit applications.

The town's website says a survey on the addition of more potential suites was posted, and results were presented to council on October 12, 2022.

On February 14 of this year town staff gave examples to council of what garden and garage suites would look like.

On May 8, Land Use Bylaw regulations were prepared for council.

According to the town, Strathmore's current Land Use Bylaw regulates only existing garden suites.

There is currently a block of garden suites in Strathmore Lakes, but town staff say it's not possible to apply for a new garden or garage suite development permit in town without a site-specific LUB.

There have not been any amendments for garage or garden suites in over 10 years. However, staff are exploring the idea to potentially make it easier for residents to apply for one.