The City of Chestermere has provided an update regarding ice thickness. 

Lake ice has decreased slightly but remains safe for recreational use.

The ice was measured at the following locations:

Anniversary - 20” (50.8cm)

The Landing - 20" (50.8cm).

South End – 20" (50.8cm) 

Sunset – 20" (50.8cm) 

The Cove – 15" (38.1cm)

In Strathmore, the ice at Kinsmen Lake, Strathmore Lake, and the Lions Regional Outdoor Rink have been deemed unsafe for use.

“Ice should be a minimum of 8” (20cm) for groups of skaters and 6” (15 cm) for walking or skating alone,” said Deana Connington, Parks Supervisor with the Town of Strathmore.

If you want to skate, you can head down to Chestermere Lake or the various boarded outdoor rinks in Chestermere on McIvor Terrace, Sandpiper Point, and the Alta Link lands near Rainbow Falls.

Remember, there is no such thing as 100% safe ice, and always use caution while skating on lakes or open bodies of water.

“The color of the ice is a good indicator of its strength. Clear blue-to-black ice is the strongest. White ice (snow ice) could be filled with air bubbles or snow, making it weaker, and should be avoided. Brown or gray ice indicates the presence of water; this is dangerous, and it should be avoided,” Connington said. 

If ice looks discolored, cracked, or has water pooling on the surface, avoid it. 

It is always recommended to go skating with someone or a group.  

“While skating, watch and listen for any signs that the ice may not be safe. Retractable ice picks are lightweight and inexpensive and could help pull you out of the water in the event of an accident. And know what to do if you or someone falls through."

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